Rapid identification and characterisation of Zika NS1 specific Affimer binders


High affinity, specific binders - in 16 weeks

We have developed Affimer® binders to a recombinant form of the Zika virus NS1 protein that is diagnostic of Zika infection at the early, acute phase. In just 16 weeks we generated specific Affimer binders to this challenging target, and have demonstrated their effectiveness in ELISA/immunoassay format for specific detection of the Zika NS1 antigen at clinically relevant concentrations.

Download our application note, which describes how we:

  • Identified and characterised Affimer binders to a clinically relevant target in just 16 weeks
  • Confirmed specificity
  • Developed Affimer - antibody pairs for increased assay sensitivity
  • Demonstrated Affimer binders have comparable performance to antibodies in an ELISA immunoassay

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