Webinar: Affimer® anti-idiotypic affinity reagents for pharmacokinetic analysis of biotherapeutics


In this free webinar, Principal Assay Scientist Dr. Amanda Nicholl presented data from the recently published paper in Biotechniques, ‘Affimers as anti-idiotypic affinity reagents for pharmacokinetic analysis of biotherapeutics’.

The use of anti-idiotypic Affimer reagents in this study showed a number of advantages to their use as critical reagents compared to antibodies, including:

  • High target specificity and low cross-reactivity.
  • Lot-to-lot reproducibility and calibration curve metrics meeting FDA criteria for bioanalytical assay reagents.
  • Increased dynamic range and reduced matrix effect compared to commercially available anti-idiotypic Fab fragments..
  • Use of a universal detection system to offer simple and speedy assay design and development.

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