Webinar - Rapid identification and characterisation of Affimer technology


This webinar recording features a presentation by Avacta Life Sciences' Chief Technology Officer Dr Matt Johnson. In it, he discusses Affimer® technology, a novel antibody mimetic and powerful antibody alternative. Plus:

  • Why Affimer technology has a number of key benefits over other affinity reagents.
  • How Avacta uses the IntelliCyt iQue device in its screening process.
  • A case study using Affimer technology to inhibit PD-L1, an immune check point protein expressed by tumor cells to trick t-cells into not destroying them. 

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"Using Affimer technology we have been able to demonstrate effective label free electrochemical immunoassays. The performance has exceeded that associated with comparable antibodies”

Professor Jason J Davis, Department of Chemistry, University of Oxford, and Dr Lee's Reader in Chemistry, Christ Church College, Oxford.