Identification and development of IgG-specific Affimers for affinity chromatography

Highly stable and specific affinity proteins with customisable formatting

Avacta's unique technology enables Affimer affinity resins to be developed to a range of molecules for affinity purification purposes.

Download our new application note, which describes how:
  • Affimer affinity ligands can be developed to a wide range of novel targets and implemented in affinity chromatography, bioprocessing, PK studies and a variety of other processes.
  • Affimer affinity resins were highly reproducible and showed no discernible detection of Affimer leaching over 81 runs and 19 CIP cycles.
  • The stability of Affimer ligands allows for caustic cleaning-in-place (CIP) with no impact on performance.
  • Flexible formatting provides various means to optimise performance in affinity chromatography. 

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